Option Hacker

The interface of the Option Hacker tool is similar to that of Stock Hacker, but the default states of its controls are optimized for performing single options scans.

Just like in Stock Hacker, the following options are available to you:

  • selecting the set of symbols among which the scan will be performed
  • using up to 25 scan filters for stock, options, study values, and fundamental data
  • adjusting scan filters with live pre-scan results
  • viewing options and/or stocks that match your criteria (with “options only” set as default)
  • saving the scan results as a watchlist
  • saving and loading your scan queries
  • creating alerts on changes in the results

To learn more about how this interface works, please refer to the Stock Hacker page. For more information on using thinkScript-based studies in your scans, please refer to the Study Filters article.

Both Option Hacker and Stock Hacker can be used for finding single options that meet your criteria. Note that in thinkorswim, you can also scan the market for options spreads; to do so, use the Spread Hacker tool.

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