My Tools

My Tools are a special feature that enables you to quickly access tools that you use frequently. Shown as either a toolbar above the chart or as a separate panel, it provides you with ability to quickly select your favorite drawings, studies, study sets, and styles. My Tools are customizable, which means that you can change what is shown there as often as you like. You can add up to seven tools to it.

To enable My Tools, choose Settings from the Style menu and select On each chart or Single panel from the My Tools drop-down list and click OK. Selecting On each chart will add the toolbar to each chart in the grid. Choosing Single panel will display it as a separate panel. You can also pin My Tools to the chart: this will fix the toolbar above the status string or show the panel above all windows.

Customizing My Tools is quite easy: click Configure buttons on the right of the toolbar or bottom right corner of the panel; the tool buttons will be highlighted. Clicking each of the highlighted buttons will enable you to rename the button, to change the tool represented by it, or to remove it from My Tools. To add a tool to My Tools, click Add button and choose a drawing, a study, a study set, or a style you would like to display there. Once you have finished customizing the toolbar, click Done; all the changes will be applied.

When you use an added tool (a study, a study set, or a style), you can apply it to the current chart only, or to the whole grid, or even to all existing grids. In order to do that, click the corresponding button (in the bottom left corner of the panel or on the right of the toolbar). Note that this won't work for drawings: they can only be synchronized on charts for the same symbol via General settings.


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