Social Sentiment

Social Sentiment is a thinkorswim feature designed to help you with your trading decisions based on current trends in social media. This feature provides you with an outline of social media mentions of miscellaneous companies and their affiliated divisions, taking into account the mood of posts where these companies or divisions have been mentioned. Analyzing the relationship between the social media discussion around a certain company and the price of its underlying may be used to create trading signals. Posts presented in social signals are not subject to any fact-checking, may be without reasonable basis and claims may be unsubstantiated. Thoroughly evaluate all information before trading.

The Social Sentiment feature can be enabled in the Charts Settings dialog:

  1. Click the “gear” button  above the chart. The Chart Settings dialog will open.
  2. Go to the Equities tab.
  3. Activate the Show Social Sentiment checkbox and click OK. The Social Sentiment will be displayed on a lower subgraph.

Note that Social Sentiment is not available for some symbols. You can view a watchlist of all symbols for which it is available: to do so, choose Social Sentiment in the watchlist selector.

In Social Sentiment, the mentions are displayed as a stacked area which uses the same time interval and aggregation period as the chart itself (limited to daily and hourly aggregations in a standard mode). By default, there are three parts in this area: the bottom part represents the number of negative mentions of all divisions affiliated with the company, the middle part visualizes the positive mentions count, and the top part is reserved for the neutral ones. All of these values and the total number of mentions are displayed also in the status string. The area is accompanied with the Sentiment plot which visualizes the rate of approval of the company: it is calculated as the ratio of positive mentions count to the sum of positive and negative counts (neutral mentions are excluded from the calculation).

The stacked area is customizable: you can turn off and on some of its parts, change their colors, and also edit the list of divisions for which it will be plotted. To do so, right-click anywhere on the subgraph and choose Customize... or just double-click anywhere on the stacked area. In the dialog window, de-select components and/or company divisions that are of little importance to you at the moment; click OK. The stacked area will be updated according to your preferences. Note that the list of divisions can be also customized instantly from a menu that opens when you right-click anywhere on the Social Sentiment subgraph.

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