One Black Crow is a bearish trend reversal candlestick pattern that consists of two candles.

The One Black Crow candlestick pattern is recognized in the following configuration of two candles:

  • The first candle is long and bullish and continues an uptrend;
  • The second candle is long and bearish;
  • The second candle opens within the first candle's body limits and closes below the first candle's open.

A candle is considered long if its body height is greater than the average body height calculated for the last 20 candles. An uptrend is recognized if the average slope coefficient of trendlines is positive for the last three candles. Both mentioned numbers are default and can be modified in the input parameters.

Input Parameters



length The number of candles used to calculate the average body height. If the body height of a candle is greater than this average, the candle is considered long.
trend setup The number of preceding candles to check if there was an uptrend before the pattern.




Bearish The One Black Crow candlestick pattern.

Further Reading

1. "A Candlestick Strategy With Soldiers And Crows" by Jerry D’Ambrosio and Barbara Star, PhD. Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, October 2017.

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