The Elegant Oscillator strategy is based on the eponymous technical indicator based on the inverse Fisher transform. The strategy adds simulated buy and sell signals based on the behavior of Elegant Oscillator’s main plot:

  • A simulated buy signal is added when the indicator value falls below the lower threshold while the line is forming a valley.
  • A simulated sell signal is added when the indicator value surpasses the upper threshold while the line is forming a peak.

Input Parameters

Parameter Description
rms length The length used for calculation of the root mean square in the inverse Fisher transform.
cutoff length The length used in the calculation of the SuperSmoother filter.
threshold The threshold that triggers the simulated sell signal. For simulated buy signals, the negative value is used.

Backtesting is the evaluation of a particular trading strategy using historical data. Results presented are hypothetical, and there is no guarantee that the same strategy implemented today would produce similar results.

Technical analysis is not recommended as a sole means of investment research.

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