The Advance/Decline study is a technical indicator calculating several values based on advance/decline analysis performed on data provided by specified market.

  • Advance/Decline Line. Indicates the cumulative sum of differences between the number of advancing stocks (advances) and declining stocks (declines).
  • Advance/Decline Line (Breadth). Calculates the ratio of advances to the overall number of stocks.
  • Advance/Decline Line (Daily). Calculates ratio of difference between the number of advances and declines to the overall number of stocks.
  • Advance/Decline Ratio. Calculates the ratio of advances to declines.
  • Advance/Decline Spread (Issues). Calculates the difference between advances and declines.
  • Absolute Breadth Index. Returns the absolute value of Advance/Decline Spread.


Input Parameters

Parameter Description
type Defines which analysis technique is applied.
exchange Defines the market providing the advance/decline data.


Plot Description
AD The Advance/Decline plot.
LevelLine Defines a base level for each analysis technique. It is equal to zero for Advance/Decline Line, Advance/Decline Line (Daily), Advance/Decline Spread (Issues), and Absolute Breadth Index; 0,5 for Advance/Decline Line (Breadth); 1 for Advance/Decline Ratio.


*For illustrative purposes only. Not a recommendation of a specific security or investment strategy.

  Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.