The FIR (finite impulse response) Triangle Weighting is an indicator that filters the data to find the balance between the simple moving average's filtering capability and its lagging. This filter uses a weighting system for data points: weights are linearly increased through halfway of the indicator length and linearly decreased afterwards. This way, most of the weight is given to data around the middle of the indicator's length, and least of the weight is given to data points at the beginning and the end of it. 

The calculation of this filter is consistent with the formula of the Triangular window function.

Input Parameters

Parameter Description
price The price to which the FIR Triangle Weighting is to be applied.
length The length of the FIR Triangle Weighting filter.


Plot Description
TriangleWeighting The FIR Triangle Weighting plot.


FIR_TriangleWeighting with other windowing filters

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