The Stoller Average Range Channel (STARC) Bands are two bands plotted around a short-term simple (base) moving average. The bands are placed a specified number of Average True Ranges above and below the base moving average.

The Upper and Lower bands represent overbought and oversold price levels respectively.

Input Parameters

Parameter Description
price The price used to calculate the STARC Bands.
atr length The number of bars used to calculate the True Range moving average.
sma length The number of bars used to calculate the base moving average.
displace The number of bars to shift the STARC Bands. Positive numbers signify a backward displacement.
multiplier factor The factor to multiply the True Range average by, to define the offset of the bands from the moving average.


Plot Description
Upper_Band The upper STARC Band.
Middle_Band The simple moving average.
Lower_Band The lower STARC Band.


*For illustrative purposes only. Not a recommendation of a specific security or investment strategy.

  Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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