The Swami Convolution study is a technical indicator designed for Thermo Mode; it is used for detection of turning points. Like in all Thermo Mode specific studies, shorter lookback periods reflect recent changes, middle range periods are used for confirmation, and the longest ones signify possibility of continuation.

In default color scheme, the turnover points are indicated as purple streaks against deep blue background, i.e., at areas where the study has highest values. Swami Convolution is based on the eponymous digital signal processing technique which is a mathematical operation on two functions; the result of the operation is area overlap between the two functions as one is shifted against the other. In Swami Convolution, this technique is performed on two time series: direct and inverse, both considered as time functions. The main principle of the study is finding areas where the two functions become highly correlated thus signifying turnover points.

Input Parameters

Parameter Description
length The number of bars used in calculations.


Plot Description
Aurora The Swami Convolution plot used in Thermo Mode.


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