The TAC_DIMinus study is a technical indicator which helps identify market tops. Being part of a system described in BC Low's article "Identify the Start of a Trend with DMI", it gives especially strong signals when used in combination with TAC_ADX.

TAC_DIMinus plots three lines, each being the DI- component of the DMI with a certain length; signals are given when the three lines cluster in the bottom of the subgraph. The basic rule of using TAC_DIMinus is finding clusters at or below the basic reference level of 10; when the lowest line reaches level 5, it is supposed a stronger signal. The confirmation of the bearish reversal is suggested when the cluster turns up from level 5.

For stronger signals, use TAC_DIMinus along with TAC_ADX. For double confirmation that a market top is formed, look for TAC_DIMinus clusters in 5..10 range when TAC_ADX turns down from level 90.

Input Parameters

Parameter Description
di length1 The number of bars used to calculate the first DI- plot; normally the lowest of the three.
di length2 The number of bars used to calculate the second DI- plot; normally the middle one.
di length3 The number of bars used to calculate the third DI- plot; normally the highest of the three.

average type

exponential, weighted, Wilder's, or Hull.


Plot Description
DIMinus1 The first DI- plot.
DIMinus2 The second DI- plot.
DIMinus3 The third DI- plot.
Level50 Level 50.
Level10 Level 10.
Level5 Level 5.

Further Reading

1. "Identify the Start of a Trend with DMI" by BC Low. Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, November 2012.


*For illustrative purposes only. Not a recommendation of a specific security or investment strategy.