Exp ( double number);

Default values:


Returns the exponential value of a number.

Input parameters

Parameter Default value Description
number - Defines number whose exponential value is returned.

Example 1

declare lower;
input x = 3;
plot Calculate1 = Exp(x);
plot Calculate2 = Power(Double.E, x);

The example calculates the value of the exponent raised to the power of x using two different approaches. The results of the calculations are equal.

Example 2

declare lower;
def temp = 0.1 * (RSIWilder() - 50);
def x = WMA(temp, 9);
plot IFT_RSI = (Exp(2 * x) - 1) / (Exp(2 * x) + 1);

The code plots the Inversed Fisher Transform indicator based on the smoothed RSI value. Initially, the code subtracts the standart RSIWilder by 50 and multiplies the result by 0.1 to get values starting from -5 and through 5. Then it smoothes the values using the WMA function. Finally, it calculates the IFT for the values.