IsInfinite ( double value);

Default values:


Returns true if the specified number is infinitely large in magnitude.

Input parameters

Parameter Default value Description
value - Defines value to test.

Example 1

declare lower;

input dividend = 10;
input divisor = 0;

def tempResult = dividend / divisor;
plot Result = if IsInfinite(tempResult) then 0 else tempResult;

The example draws the result of division the dividend by the divisor on a separate subgraph. If the divisor is equal to zero then the division produces the infine number. The IsInfinite function returns true as a result of verifying the infinite number and the result is assigned 0.

Example 2

declare lower;

input dividend = 10;
input divisor = 0;

plot Result = if divisor == 0 then 0 else dividend / divisor;

This example is similar to the previous one. But here the validation is performed before the division which makes the code simplier.