Concat ( Any value2, Any value1, Any value2);

Default values:


Concatenates two string values. If the values' type is not string it is first converted to a string (for doubles it saves four decimal places)

Input parameters

Parameter Default value Description
value1 - Defines the first value to concatenate.
value2 - Defines the second value to concatenate.


input symbol = "IBM";
AddLabel(yes, Concat("SMA (", Concat(symbol, Concat(", 10): ", Round(Average(close(symbol), 10), 1)))));

This example displays a constantly visible chart label with the SMA of the given symbol with the length equal to 10 rounded to one decimal place.

Note that in thinkScript®, string values can also be concatenated using sign "+":

input symbol = "IBM";
AddLabel (yes, "SMA ("+ symbol + ", 10): " + Round(Average(close(symbol), 10), 1));