GetSymbolPart ( int position, int position);

Default values:

position: 1 position: 1

Input parameters

Parameter Default value Description
position - Defines number of symbol part to be returned.


Returns a part of the composite symbol.

When used on a futures chart, GetSymbolPart() returns the part of the corresponding composite futures symbol with a namespace appended. Namespace is a market identifier code*.

Consider a composite /ES+/YM chart. To find these symbols’ namespace use AddLabel():


declare lower;

plot Spreads = close(GetSymbolPart(1)) - close(GetSymbolPart(2));

The code calculates the spread between the first and second parts of the composite symbol.

AddLabel(yes, GetSymbolPart(1) + " + " + GetSymbolPart(2));

The function displays /ES:XCME + /YM:XCBT, where:

  • XCME is a namespace reserved for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
  • XCBT is a namespace reserved for the Chicago Board of Trade.

To avoid unexpected results, use namespaces in string comparisons. For example, to check if a two-part composite symbol has "/ES":

AddLabel(GetSymbolPart(1) == "/ES:XCME" or GetSymbolPart(2) == "/ES:XCME", "Composite symbol contains /ES!");

Note that all parts of a composite symbol are read in alphabetical order. For example, if you choose "KO+GE", it will be read as "GE+KO" by the system.

*A namespace, or market identifier code (MIC), is a four-letter code assigned by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that uniquely identifies trading exchanges and markets, facilitating automated trade processing.