MonkeyBars ( int initial balance range);

Default values:

initial balance range: 3


Calculates the Monkey Bars profile with user-defined parameters.

Input parameters

Parameter Default value Description
timeInterval - Defines an ordinal number of aggregation period. The first decade is displayed as digits 1-2..-9-0 in the first palette color, the second decade is displayed as digits 1-2..-9-0 in the second palette color, and so on.
symbol current symbol Defines symbol to calculate Monkey Bars for.
pricePerRow PricePerRow.AUTOMATIC Defines the "height" (price range) of each row of Monkey Bars. This value can be defined by an actual price range or a PricePerRow constant.
startNewProfile - Defines condition: when it is true, the monkeyBars function is given a trigger signal to calculate the new profile.
onExpansion Yes Defines whether or not to show Monkey Bars on the expansion area of the chart.
numberOfProfiles "all" Defines the number of profiles to be displayed if onExpansion is set to no. If onExpansion is set to yes then this parameter is ignored and only one profile is shown.
the playground percent 70.0 Defines the percentage of the trading activity for which The Playground is determined.
emphasize first digit No Defines whether or not to highlight the opening digit of each period in bold.
volumeProfileShowStyle MonkeyVolumeShowStyle.NONE Defines Monkey Bars sections that will be complemented with Volume Profile histogram. Use a MonkeyVolumeShowStyle constant for this purpose. ALL will add the histogram to each section; LAST, to the last one, and NONE will not display the histograms.
volumePercentVA 70.0 Defines the percentage of the trading activity for which the Value Area is determined for Volume profile. If NONE is chosen for volumeProfileShowStyle, this input parameter will be ignored.
showInitialBalance Yes Defines whether or not to mark Initial Balance with a bracket. Initial Balance is a High-Low range of first several bars.
initialBalanceRange 3 Defines the number of bars for which the Initial Balance is marked if show initial balance is set to yes. If show initial balance is set to no, this parameter is ignored.


def yyyymmdd = GetYYYYMMDD();
def timeInterval = GetDayOfMonth(yyyymmdd);
def allchart = 0;
profile monkey = MonkeyBars(timeInterval, "startNewprofile"=allchart);

This script displays Monkey Bars with 1 day aggregation period for the whole chart.