TimeProfile ( double value area percent);

Default values:

value area percent: 70.0


Displays the time price opportunity (TPO) profile with user-defined calculation parameters.

Input parameters

Parameter Default value Description
symbol current symbol Defines symbol to calculate the TPO profile for.
pricePerRow PricePerRow.AUTOMATIC Defines the "height" (price range) of each row of the profile. This value can be defined by an actual price range or a PricePerRow constant.
startNewProfile -

Defines condition: when it is true, the function is given a signal to calculate a new profile.

onExpansion Yes Defines whether or not to show the profile on expansion area of the chart.
numberOfProfiles "all" Defines the number of profiles to be displayed if onExpansion is set to no. If onExpansion is set to yes then this parameter is ignored and only one profile is shown.
value area percent 70.0 Defines the percentage of the trading activity for which the Value Area is determined.


def allchart = 0;
profile tpo = TimeProfile("startnewprofile"=allchart);

This script plots TPO profile study (colored blue) that aggregates all chart data on the right expansion.