Highest ( int length);

Default values:

length: 12


Returns the highest value of data for the last length bars.

Input parameters

Parameter Default value Description
data - Defines data for which the highest value is found.
length 12 Defines period on which the highest value is found.


input length = 20;

plot LowerBand = Lowest(low[1], length);
plot UpperBand = Highest(high[1], length);
plot MiddleBand = (LowerBand + UpperBand) / 2;

The plots in the example illustrate the Donchian Channels system where the Lower Band and the Upper Band are calculated as the minimum low and maximum high for the previous length bars. Note that the low and high for the current bar are left out of account. In order to implement this approach the [1] index is applied to the corresponding parameters.