FAQ - General

How can I save my settings?

Drawings, charts, styles, etc. are saved automatically and stay the same regardless of where you log in from.

View settings, like workspaces, aren’t saved by thinkorswim® and they aren’t automatically the same between computers. To manually save view settings: 

  1. Click Setup in the upper right corner.
  2. Click Save Workspace as… and give your workspace a name. 
  3. Click OK to save your new workspace on your current computer. 

How can I view my messages?

Click Messages  in the top right corner of thinkorswim® to open your Message Center

How can I update my account If I’m seeing delayed data?

Login to Schwab.com and bring up the professional/non-professional subscription agreement

  • Non-professional users should select non-professional in the agreement, agree to the addendum, and log back in to thinkorswim® to see the updated data.
  • Professional users should select professional on the agreement before chatting with thinkorswim® support for more information about real-time quotes and pricing. 

What products does thinkorswim® support?

All US exchange traded equities, futures, and forex products are currently supported. A full list of product offerings is also available.