Today's Trade Activity

In the Today's Trade Activity section of the Activity and Positions tab, you can view and manage all your working, filled, and cancelled orders.

Your orders are organized into four groups in the Today's Trade Activity section:

  • Working orders: Orders that have been placed but not yet filled.
  • Filled orders: Orders that have been executed.
  • Cancelled orders: Orders that have been cancelled, for example, because they were not filled by the end of the trading day.
  • Rolling strategies: Complex orders for rolling options. Rolling is the process of buying back the short option near expiration and simultaneously selling the next expiration period's same strike option.

Here is how you can use Today's Trade Activity:

  1. To see the contents of each of the order groups, click on the 'tick' icon before its title. To hide the contents, click on this icon again.
  2. By default, the following columns are displayed in each of the groups: Time, Order ID, Description, and Status. You can add more columns by clicking on the More fields button on the far right of each group.
  3. You can sort each group by any column. To do so, click on the header of the by which you would like to perform the sorting. An up arrow will appear, which indicates the ascending sort. Clicking again will give the column the descending sort (indicated by a down arrow). To return to the unsorted state, left click on the header again.
  4. In the Working Orders section, you can try to cancel an order or orders. To do so, right-click the order you would like to cancel and click Cancel.

    To cancel multiple orders, try using the Cancel menu available from the Show actions button in the top-right corner of the Working orders section. In this menu, you can select a group of orders you wish to cancel: all working orders, all day orders, all day and Extended-Hours orders, all GTC (good till cancelled) orders, all buying orders, or all selling orders. In addition, you can try to cancel all the orders for a certain underlying. 

    To make changes to a working order, right-click it and select Cancel/replace order... This will redirect you to the order entry dialog so you can modify the order.

    Note: Any order can get filled or partially filled while you are attempting to take any of the above actions.

  5. In the Filled Orders section, you can view filled orders by specifications such as execution time, price, order type, etc. Click on the View Average Fill Prices button to view average buy and sell prices of each underlying you trade during the day.

    Note: The numbers of fills you receive may not be equated to the number of orders you placed. Sometimes orders are filled in pieces, called “partial fills,” which may or may not be completed in full. Note also that trades partially executed over multiple trading days may be subject to commission charges for each trading day.


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