Favorite Time Frames

The Favorites tab of the Time Frame Setup dialog is where you keep your frequently used time frames so they are always at hand. This tab can be accessed by clicking the button displaying the current aggregation above the chart.

To customize the Favorites :

1. Click Customize list... at the botom of the Favorites tab or navigate to the Chart Settings window (for information on accessing this window, refer to the Preparation Steps article).

2. On the Favorite Time Frames tab, you will see a list of previously added time frames.

3. In order to add a new one, click Add time frame.... In the dialog window, specify the aggregation type (Tick, Time, or Range), time interval, and aggregation period. Click Add. Note that you can add up to ten quick time frames.

4. In order to edit a time frame, double click it or select it on the list and click Edit.... Apply all the necessary corrections in the dialog window and click Add.

5. In order to delete an unnecessary time frame, select it on the list and click Delete.

6. You can sort the time frames on the list in a desirable order by dragging and dropping them or by selecting one and clicking Move up and Move down buttons. Once you have finished customizing the list, click OK. Now this list is available on the Favorites tab.

Note also that Favorite Time Frames are a global setting, i.e., the same list will appear for each opened chart instance.

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