Text Note

For illustrative purposes only, not a recommendation.


Use the text note in order to add commentaries to specific points of the chart.

In order to add the text note to chart, choose it from the Active Tool menu. Specify the point where you like it to be displayed; the Note dialog window will appear. Enter the desirable text and click OK. The text note will be added to chart.



  • Text. Edit the previously added text note here.


  • Display mode. Edit the property to display the full text of the note, or the first line only, or as an icon (capital T).

  • Visible. Set this property to "no" in order to hide the text note.

  • Show arrow. Set this property to "No" to hide the arrow.

  • Alignment. Edit this property to define where to show the text: above, below, to the left, or to the right of the arrow.

Begin point:

  • Value. Defines the price value of the point where the text note is shown.

  • Date/Time. Defines the time scale value of the point where the text note is shown.