The FIR (finite impulse response) Filters Of Price Change indicator calculates a smoothed-out value of the difference between close and open price based on the smoothing function selected by the user. By default, it calculates a simple moving average of this value. In the input parameters, you can also select a window function to be used for the smoothing: Triangle, Hamming, or Hann.

In addition to the smoothed-out value, this indicator also calculates its rate of change and displays it as a separate plot. 

Input Parameters

Parameter Description
filter The function to be used for data smoothing: simple moving average, Triangle weighting, Hamming window, or Hann window.
length The length of the smoothing indicator.
pedestal The weight given to the first and the last data point (in degrees, only used when Hamming is selected in filter).


Plot Description
FIR The Finite Impulse Response plot.
ROC The rate of change of Finite Impulse Response.
ZeroLine The zero level.


FIR_FiltersOfPriceChange with other windowing filters

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