TickSize ( String symbol, String symbol);

Default values:

symbol: getSymbol() symbol: getSymbol()


Returns the minimum possible tick size for the specified symbol.

Input parameters

Parameter Default value Description
symbol current symbol Defines symbol for which the tick size is returned.


input numberOfTicks = 3;
plot OverBought = Highest(high)[1] + numberOfTicks * TickSize();
plot OverSold = Lowest(low)[1] - numberOfTicks * TickSize();
plot BreakOut = if Close >= OverBought then Close else if Close <= OverSold then Close else Double.NaN;

Initially the example draws the OverBought and OverSold plots. The OverBought plot is calculated by adding the given number of ticks to the highest price for the last 12 bars starting from previous bar. The OverSold plot is calculated the same way but by subtracting the ticks from the lowest price. If the close price is out of the area of the first two plots the code displays the BreakOut plot.