close ( String priceType);

Default values:

priceType: "<current type>"


Returns the Close price for the specific symbol, aggregation period and price type. You can use both Aggregation Period constants and pre-defined string values (e.g. Day, 2 Days, Week, Month, etc.) as valid parameters for the aggregation period. The full list of the pre-defined string values can be found in the Referencing Secondary Aggregation article.

Valid parameters for the price type are: LAST, ASK, BID, and MARK. Alternatively, you can use the PriceType constants.

Note that for non-Forex symbols, the last three are only supported on intraday charts with time interval not greater than 15 days.

Input parameters

Parameter Default value Description
symbol current symbol Defines symbol for which the Close price is returned.
period current aggregation Defines aggregation period for which the Close price is returned.
priceType current price type Defines the type of price to be returned: Last, Ask, Bid, or Mark.


declare lower;

input symbol = {default "IBM", "GOOG/3", "(2*IBM - GOOG/6 + GE)/2"} ;
plot PriceClose = close(symbol);

Draws the close plot of either IBM, GOOG divided by three, or a composite price consisting of IBM, GOOG, and GE. Each of the symbols can be selected in the Edit Studies dialog.