Order Statuses

When you send an order anywhere in TOS, it passes through multiple stages of its lifecycle. These stages are displayed as statuses in your Today's Activity panel on the Monitor tab. The following table explains all the possible statuses that an order might have once sent to the server:


The order is being submitted to the server after you click Confirm and send.

Wait trg

Order processing is pending until its triggering order is filled. Rules of order triggering are set in the Advanced order list of the Order Entry dialog.

Wait cond

Order processing is pending until the specified market condition is true. Market conditions are defined in the Order Rules dialog.

Wait stop

Order processing is pending until the specified stop condition is true. Stop conditions are defined in the Order Rules dialog.

Wait rev

Order processing is pending until it is approved either manually or automatically. This status is assigned to orders that require confirmation from the broker or a third party.


The submitted order is waiting for processing which cannot be performed now, e.g., due to trading hours limitations.


Order is ready to be processed either by the exchange or the Trade Desk operator or manually.


The accepted order is waiting for manual execution by the Trade Desk operator.


The order is being processed at the exchange.


Order processing is finished and the order is fully or partially filled.


The order is rejected by the exchange.


Order's time in force is up.

Not sent

The order cannot be sent to the server right now, e.g., due to connectivity problems.


The order is being replaced by another. This status is displayed when you send an edited order after the Cancel/replace command.


The order is successfully replaced upon your request.


The order is being canceled upon your request.


The order has been canceled successfully.


Cancel order is successfully processed.


Too late to cancel. The order has been already processed by the exchange.


The original order has been successfully canceled.

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