Using Candlestick Patterns

To start looking for candlestick patterns, do the following:

  1. Make sure the Charts tab is open. Click Patterns in the upper right corner of the working area. 
  2. Click Select patterns... The Select Patterns dialog window will appear.
  3. Select the Candlestick tab. You will see a list of all available candlestick patterns (both pre-defined and those previously added by you).
  4. Double-click the desirable pattern in this list. It will be immediately displayed on the Added Patterns list. Add as many patterns as you like. 
  5. You can fine tune a pattern by hovering your mouse over its pane on the Added Patterns list and then clicking the 'gear'  icon. This will open a dialog similar to the Study Customization dialog. In fact, candlestick patterns are quite reminiscent of studies: both have input parameters and plots. Click on the hint icons next to the inputs to learn how they affect the calculation.
  6.  To remove a candlestick icon from the list, hover your mouse over its pane and click 'Delete' . To clear the list, click Remove all.
  7. Once you've finished customizing the list of patterns for the system to look for (this may include both candlestick and classic patterns), click OK. Once the system detects an occurrence of any pattern from the list, it will be marked according to the specified plot type.

Note that you can also create your own patterns and have the system look for these. To do so, use the Candlestick Pattern Editor

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