The Alerts section is only displayed for studies that have scripted alerts, i.e., use the Alert() function.

Alerts are signals generated by studies upon reaching a certain condition defined by the Alert() function. If there is a defined alert in the study code, you can customize its parameters in the study customization dialog. To do so, click Alerts to see all alerts defined for the study. Note that several alerts can be defined for a single study; in this case, each alert will be assigned an individual tab. Click through these tabs to customize your alerts.

1. The Enabled checkbox controls the status of the alert. Deselect it if you prefer to turn the alert off.

2. Specify the preferred frequency of triggering in the Can be triggered radio button list.

3. Enter an alert message in the Alert message field.

4. Select Show in Message center to display the alert notification in the Message center.

5. Select the Play sound checkbox and specify the sound type from the list if you would like a sound signal in addition to the message.

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